We’re on a mission to educate and inspire people through student, family and financial wellness services in partnership with our communities.

Meeting the needs of each generation

While many programs focus on either the parent or child, Branches address both simultaneously. This two generation, or “2-Gen” approach recognizes that a family’s well-being is interconnected and that the most effective way to create social and economic well-being is to ensure that every family member is supported in reaching their full potential.

Taking a holistic approach

By building long-term, ongoing relationships, incorporating both coaching and empowerment methodologies, and partnering with the local community to leverage resources, promote collective impact and address systemic issues, Branches helps families achieve self-defined, sustainable results in their lives.

Constantly reaching for innovation and excellence

Branches employs highly-qualified staff who are experts in their field. We lead the Miami VITA Free Tax Preparation Coalition—one of the largest in the country—and are the largest provider of free financial coaching services in Miami. We are also the only IRS-certified Acceptance Agent providing free ITIN preparation services in the area.

Our History

Branches was established in 1973 as the urban and social justice agency of what is now the South East District of the United Methodist Church. Up until 1999, Branches focused on grassroots organizing, advocacy and working with community members who were disadvantaged and/or experiencing social injustice. During this period, Branches focused resources in the areas of social crisis, immigration, housing, hospice care and hurricane relief, among others. Since 2000, Branches has embarked on developing and implementing programs that address the root causes of poverty and address immediate and critical needs. Today, Branches’ menu of services provides a continuum of support to community members to empower them to pursue life changing opportunities.

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