for Elementary Students

The Grow Program serves elementary students preparing them for lifelong success through enrichment of their minds, bodies and hearts.

Our engagement with the students begins after school with tutoring and homework help but continues with enrichment activities including:

  • Recreational Activities
  • Social Skill Development
  • Mentoring
  • Healthy Meals and Snacks
  • Summer Shade Camp
The skills and
knowledge to thrive.

The Grow Program lays the foundation to make a long-term impact in the lives of children by retaining a high percentage of students over many years. Consequently, the learning and the growth that take place in the life of a Branches student in one year becomes the foundation for further personal development and growth the next year. After just a few consistent years of engagement at Branches, students are not only in the mindset of setting goals but they are achieving goals on a regular basis.

Branches is proud to welcome children of all abilities.

The Grow program serves elementary students focusing on learning and knowledge development to prepare a foundation for success in three critical areas:


Branches students exercise their brains and consequently develop and increase academic competency. Activities include literacy skill development, math enrichment, writing seminars, book clubs, phonics classes, and homework assistance. Branches children stand out among their peers at school due to timely homework completion, rising grades, and generally exhibiting an appetite for learning. As a result, Branches students stay in school, graduate from high school and pursue post secondary education.


Branches students exercise their bodies and learn healthy lifestyle habits and routines. Activities include active recreational opportunities, participation in various sports, eating healthy snacks and meals, nutrition lessons, communication and meditation workshops to reduce stress, and health fairs. Through Branches, children who are growing up in poverty have the rare opportunity to learn healthy habits and to build a healthy body that will benefit them throughout their lives.


Branches students are given opportunities to build character, improve social skills and develop spiritually. Growing one’s heart is an essential and fundamental part of the Branches experience that enables young people to flourish in all areas of their lives. Activities include service projects, social and life skills workshops, Bible study, worship, retreats, spring break and summer camp, mentoring and other enrichment experiences. Branches students grow into stable, compassionate and grateful youth and young adults because their hearts have grown as much or more than their minds and bodies.

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