Lourdgenie has been attending Branches Lakeview in North Miami since her freshman year of high school. Most of our students grow up at Branches and start attending in elementary school, yet Lourdgenie’s parents enrolled their three children as soon as they discovered Branches’ Grow and Climb children and youth programs. Lourdgenie and her younger brother and sister began attending Branches  which provided them with a safe, loving place to come after school and do their homework, complete projects, play and make friends. Most importantly, Branches helped Lourdgenie with her dream of going to college. Born to Haitian immigrant parents who did not fully understand the college application process, Lourdgenie received the guidance she needed including SAT test prep, visiting colleges, applying to colleges, applying for FAFSA, gathering all required paperwork and more. In May of 2022, Lourdgenie graduated from UCF with a BA in Public Administration!

Despite the fact that Lourdgenie has always been a self-motivated student, she expresses her gratitude for all the Branches support she received, from her many mentors to the Climb through College Scholarship. Lourdgenie is the first in her family to graduate from College and we are so incredibly proud of all she has already accomplished and are committed to helping Lourdgenie every step of the way on her journey into adulthood.

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