Roberto, Gashner & Elvin

Roberto, Elvin and Gashner are friends who grew up together at Branches Florida City.

Roberto started attending Branches’ Grow program in 2nd Grade and he credits Branches with helping him become more confident and motivated, helping him prepare for college and teaching him healthy financial habits. Elvin started attending Branches’ Grow program in 3rd Grade and says Branches has helped him grow into a more independent person teaching him how to manage everything from finances to friendships. Gashner started attending Branches’ Climb program in 6th Grade.He felt immediately welcomed by everyone and realized this was the place he belonged. Branches became his second family. At Branches, Gashner learned how to stay focused so he could achieve his academic, professional, and personal goals.

This upcoming fall, Roberto, Elvin and Gashner are attending the University of Central Florida (UCF)! They will be renting a small house together and will continue to encourage one another throughout their post-secondary journey. Branches will continue to support these bright students throughout college, ensuring they graduate on time and ready to thrive in their future careers.

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