The Branches’ Transportation Solutions program provides financial education, credit building and support to working families who are in need of securing reliable transportation. 

Sonia, a hard working wife and mother of three, was in desperate need of reliable transportation for herself and her family. Sonia begins each day very early, preparing breakfast for her children, taking them to school and then continuing on to the non-profit where she works. The family’s oldest child also has cancer and Sonia must often take him to doctor appointments, recently even having to go to the emergency room. Sonia, a caring mother who wants nothing but the best for her children, also goes out of her way to make sure her other two children attend their daily enrichment activities. Doing all this without a car is almost unimaginable and has caused Sonia a lot of added stress, and has even caused her to be late to work quite often or forced her to leave work early to make it on time to appointments for her or for her family.

However, after months of hard work, Sonia received approval for a car loan for $6,000 and purchased a used Nissan Altima through one of Branches’ reliable auto dealer partners. Sonia has not missed one loan payment and is still happily working for her employer, a local non-profit organization, and is able to much more easily transport her family. She is extremely grateful for this second chance program!

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