Our Programs

Branches provides long-term, holistic services for motivated individuals and families. We help people grow deeper and climb higher in life by building a foundation through education.

Branches’ programs focus on student achievement, family services, and financial wellness.


The Grow programs serve elementary students, the Climb programs serve middle and high school students and young adults, and the Achieve programs serve adults and families.

Branches’ recent impact includes:

  • 100% of our students who remain engaged in the Grow and Climb programs, graduate from High School.
  • 90% of our High School graduates pursue a post-secondary plan. (College, Vocational or Military)
  • 86% of our students return year over year to our Grow and Climb programs.
  • Branches is currently supporting 48 college students via mentoring and by providing over $102,000 in support this year alone from the Branches Climb Higher Scholarship.
  • Branches provided over 6,800 free tax returns last tax season and secured over $11 Million in refunds for Miami residents through the VITA program.
  • Personal Financial Coaching participants saved an average of $3,882 each year.
  • Personal Financial Coaching participants decreased debt by an average of $2,413 in one year.
  • Personal Financial Coaching participants improved their credit score by an average of 37 points.


Three fundamental characteristics that shape and define the Grow, Climb and Achieve experience for those who pass through the doors of Branches at any of the sites are;

  1. A place to Be Loved and to Be Known – Branches provides so much more than a menu of programs that serve our participants. At Branches, each person is valued as a child of God. Through loving, personal relationships, children and adults are affirmed and nurtured. The transformative power of care, concern and love defines the uplifting atmosphere found at Branches.
  2. Cornerstone for Community – Branches creates an environment where people from all backgrounds come together and form a community of support for one another. A real social network is established where children and their families are connected to needed resources, learning opportunities and accountability. There is an expectation that everyone will grow their talents and use their gifts to improve one’s self and to serve the community.
  3. A time to Cultivate Opportunities to Learn and Grow – Branches best serves those who are motivated to change and improve. By providing strategic opportunities, Branches enables children and families to expand their horizons and to begin to experience success. Through a long term process of learning and growing, those served by Branches realize their potential in education and in life.

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