Claudia is a first-generation American and comes from a hardworking family. At age 18, she recently enrolled in Miami-Dade College where she is studying psychology.

As a driven young adult who wants to prepare herself for a successful future and hopefully one day buy a home, Claudia sought out Branches to learn more about finances. Working with her coach, Maria, she created a budget to manage her new expenses in college and she also learned about the importance of building credit.

Maria encouraged Claudia to enroll in a program called Save2Build, which is a savings account that allows individuals to build credit over the course of a year. She also helped Claudia update her resume and find a job at Miami-Dade College as an auxiliary aid note-taker.

3 months after her first coaching appointment, Claudia is now thriving at Miami-Dade College and is successfully building her credit AND her savings so she can one day achieve her dream of becoming a homeowner!

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