Brian attends the Branches South Miami Grow program and was held back in Kindergarten due to acute behavioral issues and academic struggles. When he first enrolled the previous year, Brian’s mother explained that Brian suffered from repeated, sudden angry outbursts. At Branches, Brian would intermittently throw temper tantrums when he became frustrated and showed signs of severe dyslexia.

Branches staff worked with Brian to help him acquire skills that have dramatically improved his self-control. A dynamic, former (and very patient) elementary school teacher also works with Brian one-on-one to help him nurture a love for language and learning. Brian is now in the 3rd Grade and is demonstrating greater maturity by allowing a positive attitude to define him. His infectious smile candidly  reveals that he is happy and loves to learn. He is also taking more pride in exhibiting the effort needed to overcome any challenge. Although he occasionally succumbs to bouts of frustration, he understands that he has a family at Branches that loves and supports him. As a result, he is beginning to thrive: his first report card this past school year was full of A’s and B’s! Having been shown love, kindness, and encouragement, Brian is blossoming into a bright, well-adjusted child that exercises perseverance and compassion.

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