Bon Gout BBQ

Meet Edward Rawson, owner of Bon Gout BBQ. Like many other small businesses, Bon Gout BBQ was unable to operate for a period of time during the early stage of COVID-19. With support from Branches, Bon Gout was provided with rental assistance from the Metro One Little Haiti Small Business Relief Fund so Mr. Rawson and his team could continue to operate the restaurant through the difficult financial impacts of the pandemic.

Mr. Rawson continued to meet with a Branches Micro-Business coach to achieve long-term financial health in other areas. He and his coach worked together to strengthen the accounting functionality for Bon Gout, setting him up for long-term success. As COVID-19 restrictions lifted, Mr. Rawson’s Micro-Business coach noticed an opportunity to help Bon Gout overcome the initial reentry costs by providing financial assistance with the first order of food supply. This initial supplementation helped Bon Gout resume their services, thereby creating an opportunity for Bon Gout to begin generating revenue again without an additional financial burden. Branches is very happy to report that Bon Gout is fully operational today and serving up some of the best BBQ in town!

Check out Bon Gout BBQ’s Video Story here.

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