Micro-Business Program

Branches’ Micro-Business program equips entrepreneurs by focusing on seven key areas of impact for their business. The goal is to grow in their knowledge, skills and resources to achieve business stability and growth, business management acumen, and long-term success.

Our program is designed to help entrepreneurs build capacity, assist in overcoming economic, linguistic, cultural and social barriers and gain the necessary skills to start, grow and expand their business.

Each participant starts with a one-on-one personal financial coaching session. Branches’ financial coaches work one-on-one with participants to understand their circumstances, helping them complete financial action plans that include: budgets, positive banking relationships, credit improvement, free tax preparation, money saving solutions and referrals to partners.

Next, Branches’ business coaches provide technical assistance and one-on-one coaching sessions to entrepreneurs to target the following areas:

Introduction to Business
Marketing & Communications
Strategic and Financial Planning
Financial Application Assistance
Building Social Capital
Disaster Preparedness & Resiliency

Branches also assists entrepreneurs with the following needs: Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Legal and securing Office Space.

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To build our capacity to deliver workshops, seminars and provide mentorship services, we constantly engage and develop new partnerships. Our partners help us provide entrepreneurial readiness workshops with opportunities to meet and network with experts, learn common traits of successful entrepreneurs, and self-evaluate abilities, strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Together, staff, partners, mentors and volunteers build social capital connecting entrepreneurs to a network of support to help businesses learn new skills, build visibility, connect with influencers and open up doors for new opportunities.

To learn more about the Micro-Business program or to schedule a
business coaching session, contact us at 305-442-8306 x2008 or

To become a small business mentor, please click here

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