Business Incubator, E-Lab & BE ONE

Branches is dedicated to supporting Miami-Dade’s micro and small businesses and fostering their growth. From idea to implementation, Branches’ Business Incubator, E-Lab & BE ONE is here to provide entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and guidance they need.

Branches’ approach is based on a specially formulated process called ‘Business Centered Design’, tailoring the program to each entrepreneur’s unique needs. The business journey starts with the intake process, followed by several other developmental stages such as nesting, incubation, acceleration, and finally, upon graduation becoming a proud Branches alumnus.

Branches believes in equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Branches’ strategic approach focuses on five key areas that include:

Business Intelligence
Digital Transformation
Business Systems
Business Development

Branches’ micro-businesses will also benefit from one-on-one business and personal financial coaching, knowledge and skills-based training, entrepreneurial networking, volunteer expert mentoring, and micro-grant resourcing. Branches provides workshops, B2B cluster meetups, conferences, personalized mentoring and coaching, micro-grants, subscriptions, networking opportunities, and customized training and support.

Branches has also created a digital entrepreneurial growth platform called BE ONE, which stands for “Branches Encourages One Network For Everyone”. This comprehensive business community ecosystem embodies Branches’ mission to support micro and small businesses across Miami-Dade with a style, feel and operational intent that is all about encouragement. 

Check out the BE ONE Video below and visit our designated BE ONE website HERE.

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To learn more about the Micro-Business Incubator & E-Lab or to schedule a
business coaching session, contact us at 305-442-8306 x2008 or

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