Transportation Solutions Program

Branches’ Transportation Solutions program was developed as a response to the lack of social services for transportation and the opportunity to provide mobility access and education to our community. The program provides low to moderate income families financial education and coaching to remove barriers to financial wellness by promoting reliable transportation so they may ultimately purchase, lease or refinance a vehicle to meet their critical transportation needs.

Branches’ financial wellness team has found that transportation is a huge barrier to achieving long-term financial stability. We have learned that many of our financial wellness participants are unable to access certain social services because they do not own a vehicle, cannot afford to take the bus or pay for other means of transportation. Often families must opt for a low-paying job closer to where they live and forgo a higher-paying job that involves a long commute or must resort to purchasing a vehicle from dealerships that charge high monthly payments which often result in repossession or even bankruptcy.

Participants in the Transportation Solutions program will meet with a financial coach who specializes in asset building, in-person or virtually, and discuss their financial situation and goals in a safe, comfortable and private space. Branches’ financial coaches will then review the following with each participant: Budget, Savings, Bank Statements, Proof of Income and FICO/Credit Score. Next, they will put together a comprehensive Financial Action Plan to purchase or lease a vehicle, or eliminate barriers to transportation. Branches will also provide access to additional services to secure reliable transportation as well as direct financial assistance.

To learn more about Branches’ Transportation Solutions program, please contact us
at 305-688-3551 x2008.

Note to all participants: we protect your rights under Title VI! Please click here to learn more.

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