Financial Coaching

Branches believes in the power of education to improve the lives of all people. Since 2000, Branches has been developing and implementing programs that provide opportunities for children, youth, parents and families to become better equipped so that they succeed daily, make long-term, positive life choices and achieve financial wellness. We understand that this process of learning and growing is incremental and progressive over time. It also requires a paradigm shift from accepting fate to taking an active role in determining one’s future.

Branches incorporates a coaching and mentorship methodology in how we engage children, youth, adults and families. In contrast to counseling and case management, coaching and mentorship blends accountability, self-initiative, commitment, celebrating progress, hope, optimism and goal setting to support participants to pursue self-defined, truly outstanding and sustainable results in their lives.

Participants are able to meet with a financial coach, in-person or virtually, and discuss their financial situation and goals in a safe, comfortable and private space. At Branches, we understand that finances are very personal and we want to build a trusting relationship with each of our financial coaching participants to help them not only achieve their goals, but also their dreams.

Each participant will draft a road map with their coach to work on:

  • Budgeting and saving
  • Credit building
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Free tax preparation
  • Debt management
  • Affordable banking and financial products
  • Buying or refinancing a vehicle
  • How to start a business

Families can also access services provided in part through community partners like:

  • Employment services, including job training, interviewing skills and resume building
  • Legal services
  • Home ownership
  • Health Navigation
  • Emergency services including: micro grants, food and rent assistance

Branches’ financial coaches will first conduct a needs and strengths assessment for each participant. Next, they will develop a tailored financial plan that incorporates the needs and goals of the whole family and provide a clear roadmap to success with goals, strategies and time frames. Branches also makes referrals to local partners and resources which can support or even accelerate goal attainment.

To meet with a Financial Coach,
please call 305-688-3551 x2008 or email

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