Ways to Work South Florida – Car Program

The Ways to Work South Florida car program provides financial education for working families and individuals, connecting them to loan products that are unique to their situations in order to purchase reliable vehicles to meet their critical transportation needs.

The financial coaching that Ways to Work South Florida provides through Branches staff allows clients to receive on-on-one guidance as to ways of improving their overall financial situation. Ways to Work South Florida believes that the financial coaching will put the client in a better and more stable position to manage their loan, in addition to possibly getting a better offer from the partnering financial institutions and other lenders.

Through the Ways to Work South Florida car program, Branches is able to offer an alternative to predatory lenders for people who are credit challenged, committed to improving their credit status and moving up in the workforce and achieving increased self-sufficiency.  Ways to Work South Florida provides families a helping hand-up toward a more stable financial future.

Potential borrowers can access an affordable amount and interest rate that is tailored to their financial situation, in spite of their credit challenges. Clients may receive special loan offers and conditions that would not otherwise be offered to outside clients whom may apply through the same financial institutions on their own.

wtwBranches staff will guide the applicants through the entire process, from financial education and guidance, to the application referral process and vehicle purchase.

To be eligible for loan consideration, a potential borrower must:

  • Live or work in Miami-Dade or Broward County
  • Have worked for at least 3 months with the same employer
  • Have ability and commitment to repay the loan
  • Have a Valid Florida Driver’s License
  • Must be at least 21 years old

The Life Cycle of a Ways To Work South Florida Client:

  1. Meet with a Financial Coach to review credit and monthly budget
  2. Complete all required financial coaching appointments
  3. Loan Coordinator reviews finances
  4. Loan Coordinator refers client to “best fit” credit union
  5. Client submits application to lender
  6. Notification of Car Loan Status
  7. Client goes car shopping
  8. Loan is finalized
  9. Receive car keys and begin to move your family toward a brighter future

How Do YOU apply?

To have a Ways to Work representative contact you regarding more information about the Ways to Work South Florida car program, please fill out the Prequalification Form.

To register for a Miami Dade County Orientation to Financial Stability, please contact 305-688-3551 x2008.

To learn more about Ways To Work,
please contact us at 305-688-3551 or
via email at waystowork@branchesfl.org

Note to all clients:
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