The Achieve Programs

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The Achieve Programs target the well-being of the entire community through services fostering financial wellness and long term success. Achieve programs take a 2 Generation Approach to serving families and primarily provide assistance in Miami-Dade County.

  • United Way Center for Financial Stability (UWCFS) – housed and operated by Branches, the UWCFS offers a full range of personal financial coaching services to enable working families to achieve economic stability and success.
  • ASSETS Microbusiness Program – provides a range of business training and services for underserved micro-entrepreneurs to help them overcome business challenges and build profitable ventures.
  • Ways to Work Transportation Program – provides transportation-related financial education to low-income families, helping them access affordable loans to purchase reliable used vehicles to meet their critical transportation needs.
  • VITA Tax Preparation – offers free tax help to qualified individuals who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing.
  • Emergency Services Network –  consists of more than a dozen local congregations that provide several forms of emergency services including food pantries, delivered meals and prepared hot meals.

The Achieve family of programs provides a continuum of financial wellness services that equips and enables families to achieve increased financial stability and long-term success in life. Achieve programs create opportunity, stimulate productivity and ultimately lead to stability;

Opportunity – Financial freedom cannot come through knowledge alone but necessitates an opportunity to exercise that knowledge. Branches opens up new opportunities for clients to improve their situations and lives. The coaching process reorients the expectations of a client to overcome self-imposed barriers while also navigating external barriers through access to uniquely targeted tools and services.

Productivity – For clients that have begun to realize some of their opportunities, the Branches team offers services and products that allow them to increase their total and disposable income.

Stability – Stability may look differently for different people, however, stable families embody behaviors, utilize tools and resources that allow them to overcome obstacles in the road of life.  Each Achieve program has unique key milestones tied to stability supporting families in their need for reliable access to housing, income, healthcare and financial tools along with the financial capabilities to achieve financial wellness.