The Climb Program

Branches-152The Climb Program serves middle and high school students focusing on the development of their individual assets in order to maximize opportunities to become better students and better people. Through the guidance and support of caring staff and volunteers, Branches youth are able to participate in:

Branches’ Climb to College & Career initiative    specifically focuses on postsecondary success and helps to prepare and assist high school students to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary for that next step after High School. Climb to College & Career provides a series of workshops, mentoring and completion of a postsecondary plan.

The college and career students will also be eligible for a Climb thru College & Career Scholarship designed to enable highly motivated high school graduates who have participated at Branches for at least two years to compete for college to technical/vocational scholarships. This additional support is intended to be an incentive and a reinforcement toward successful pursuit of becoming a postsecondary graduate.

Through workshops and mentoring, youth stay on track to climb in their outlook, climb in school and climb in life;

Climb in Outlook – Branches students become committed and engaged in the journey of life through enrichment opportunities. As a result, they adopt an outlook that enables them to rise above the challenges and negative influences they face every day. Activities include camps and retreats, field trips, team sports, numerous enrichment workshops, Positive Action seminars, healthy meals, community service, and Bible study.

Climb in School – Branches students become motivated to excel in school because they are enabled to experience academic success early in their Branches experience. Academic proficiency leads to an increased desire to learn and advance in school. Activities include literacy training, reading practice and comprehension, homework support, access to computers and supplies, standardized test taking preparation and college readiness seminars. Branches youth are motivated to become better students and climb the academic ladder that leads to post secondary opportunities.

Climb in Life – Branches prepares youth to become purposeful, caring adults who will make a positive impact through their life endeavors. Those who have ‘grown up’ at Branches recognize the immense value they derived from being surrounded by a community that loved them. As a result, they choose paths beyond high school that are fulfilling and enriching for themselves and those around them.